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Porn Basics 101 - Insider's guide for the making and distribution of adult videos

  • Instruction for camera settings, lighting and sound
  • Booking the best and right talent for your project
  • Learn how to Market and Distribute adult films from Adult Film Distributors.
  • Marketing and distribution of adult dvds
  • How to keep it legal/state and federal laws affecting the adult entertainment industry
  • Directing talent on the set


2008 Seminar Dates:
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

July 11-13

Registration Limited


Spend 3 Days and 2 Nights Learning from Porn Starlet and Director Courtney Cummz and Other Adult Entertainment Professionals.

Cummz Stop sitting on the sidelines wishing you were part of the Adult Industry. Stop pretending to be an Adult Film Producer and learn how to generate a quality product that can be boxed and put on the shelves of Adult Bookstores across the country. Porn Camp participants will learn directly from adult industry professionals through instruction and workshops on how to break into the Adult Film Making business. Learn how to improve the quality, distribution and marketing of your current productions. During the three day seminar, participants will actually produce an adult film under the instruction of accomplished industry processionals. Participants will obtain rights to reproduce and distribute the scenes they film during the Seminar.

The January 2008 Porn Camp will feature Zero Tolerance contract starlet and director, Courtney Cummz, who will instruct participants on proper production techniques in the operation of cameras, lighting, and sound. Courtney Cummz will also provide real world information on issues related to production budgeting, obtaining talent, handling talent, negotiating production agreements, and distribution agreements, and corporate marketing through a half day lecture. Following the lecture, Courtney Cummz will give hands on supervision and instruction as you direct and film your first truly professional XXX production.

That's right, you'll make a XXX film with Courtney Cummz, that you can take with you to market using the tools and knowledge you gain through the rest of the weekend.

Proven and experienced adult entertainment attorneys will teach participants how to set up their own Production Company; how to negotiate production contracts, model releases, performance agreements, and distribution agreements. The attorneys will discuss the various state and federal regulations you need to be familiar with including Federal Disclosure and labeling laws for sexual content, age verification, record keeping regulations , lewdness and obscenity laws, and the fine line between hiring talent and soliciting for prostitution, copyrights, trademarks, rights to publicity, the Fair Use Doctrine, and much, much more. Participants will be provided with sample standard forms that can be used in the operation of the production companies, and every time they film a scene.

TandA Management, an active adult talent management company will conduct a presentation on locating talent. Topics will include talent compensation, long term contracts, and talent relations. TandA Management will also secure the participation of experienced porn starlets for our workshops where participants will interview the talent and then shoot them in an actual XXX film production that participants will gain the rights to reproduce and distribute.

A host of other industry professionals will be on hand to speak about marketing content and corporate marketing. They will give practical advice on box top design, website design, identification of distribution outlets, how to find regional or national distributors, hot to get industry recognition for your work and your company, and hot to get quality XXX talent to come to you to be filmed.

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